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We offer a variety of private investigator services for individual and corporate needs.

There are many situations that can be resolved with private investigator services. It is far better to hire a professional when you seek answers and proof for a situation that you suspect is going on or when you are under attack or suspect fraud and need information to defend yourself or your company. At Fragale Investigations, we offer a wide variety of private investigator services for both individual and corporate investigation needs.

Private Investigator Services in Charlotte, North Carolina

Our private investigator services include, but are not limited to, investigations relating to adultery / cheating spouses, child custody, child neglect, and cohabitation surveillance. We also support businesses with such services as background checks, working on liability cases, investigating workers’ comp cases, and completing workplace investigations. With both personal and corporate investigation experience, we can get you the information you need to use in court or for hiring decisions or other purposes.

There are a wide variety of circumstances that would lead to someone requesting our private investigator services, and we understand that confidentiality is a very important issue when conducting an investigation. We also understand that cases can be very sensitive and often involve illegal activity based on the facts we uncover. You can count on us to be discrete and do professional work utilizing the highest ethical standards.

Reach out to us today if you have need for private investigator services either as an individual or a business in Charlotte, North Carolina. We are happy to address any questions you might have about how we can get you the information you need.

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