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Cohabitation Surveillance Private Investigator, Charlotte, NCA “Cohabitation Agreement” can be made between two parties that can involve children or just the ex-husband/wife. Cohabitation Agreements that are put into place within the court system are often broken or tested.

The agreement can be broken when the opposite party either has a boyfriend/girlfriend residing or spending the night within a certain time frame at their home. This can also apply to any agreement between both parties where as the children are to sleep at their own home during visitation with a parent or not to have anyone staying at their home while they are in custody of their parent.

How can a Private Investigator help?

We often setup surveillance to document by visually observing or videotaping that someone is spending the night and is often staying past the time allowed. We can show that they come and go as a family, shop as a family and continually stay overnight. We usually return early the next day to videotape the vehicles showing they never left.

How many days of Surveillance are usually needed?

This all depends on your agreement, the amount you are paying for alimony and your budget. Your current attorney will provide an outline of what he or she will need to prove a cohabitation case.

What will the Private Investigator be providing during and after the surveillance to the client and attorney?

The investigator will be in constant contact with the client and attorney throughout the surveillance giving verbal updates and discussing strategy for the next day to setup surveillance. Once the case has been completed the investigator will provide a professional report of all activities observed. A DVD will also be provided of any videotape captured during the surveillance.