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As a business owner you hire employees and make a commitment to offer them a career opportunity in return for an honest day of work. Eventually you may provide your employee with benefits including disability and workers compensation. While the majority of employee’s will honor their part of the employer/employee relationship, there will be some who will look to take advantage of a situation for their own personal gain. If your suspicions are such, we can help you. Stories about situations like this appear in the news all the time but because they involve two private entities, they do not get much attention. When they are reported the details about the overall monetary damage caused usually only cover wages paid while the employee is on leave. The reports rarely consider the costs incurred to cover the absence of the employee in terms of the work they were hired to do. What many do not realize is that the hidden costs of false liability claims can double or triple the total financial damage done to the employer. Liability fraud cases are not limited to private industry. Even public utilities and service organizations have issues with liability fraud and the financial damage that is caused. The difference with public entities and service organizations as opposed to private business is that they have their own internal security and even local law enforcement to rely on for their investigations. Private entities of all sizes, regardless of if they are local business or multi-national corporations, do not have the luxury of in-house investigative groups or tax-payer funded law enforcement entities.

Workers Compensation Private Investigator in Charlotte, North Carolina

Why do you need a Workman’s Comp Investigator?

As an experienced private investigation firm, we have experience in this area that is becoming more commonplace. We can investigate liability cases to determine the validity of the claim, determining if during the time the employee is on paid leave they are participating in activities that would be in direct conflict with their claim. Our investigations include various observation and discovery techniques that will allow us to build a comprehensive dossier on the investigation.

When our investigation is completed we will present you with all evidence gathered along with a report that can be used to address any questionable disability claims. Additionally, we will appear in court to provide testimony in support of your legal action. Our representative comport themselves in a way that speaks to their expertise, competency and professionalism, adding gravitas to their testimony as well as adding weight to your legal case.