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What to Expect from a Dating Background Investigation

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When you’re interested in dating someone you’ve met online or in person, you may have some questions about their background. Are they really who they say they are? If you’re uncertain about someone you are thinking about dating, a background investigation may be a way for you to get clarity and gain confidence.

What to Expect from a Dating Background Investigation

Calling a private investigator to do a dating background investigation is the first step. Here are a few of the things that can be uncovered during a dating background investigation:

  • Marriage & Divorce History – One of the primary things you’ll want to know about a potential partner is their marriage and divorce history. This will tell you if they are actually legally single or provide context in which to ask questions about their marital status.
  • Residence History – Another important factor in dating background investigations is whether the person actually lives where they say they do. Knowing a person’s address history will help you determine if they are being honest about where they are from.
  • Criminal Background – You might be worried about whether your potential partner has been honest about their criminal background if they have one. A dating background investigation will uncover any prior convictions they may have had.

While a dating background investigation can also uncover several more pieces of a person’s identity, you can talk with your private investigator about the information that is most important to you. When you call us at Charlotte Private Investigator, you’ll find an experienced team ready to help you learn more about your potential partner. Contact us today to get started.