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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What types of investigations do you specialize in?
  2. Why should someone hire Fragale Investigations?
  3. What geographic areas do you cover?
  4. Is finding the best option for me going to be expensive?
  1. What type of investigations do you specialize in?
    Answer: We specialize in infidelity, cheating spouses/lovers, child custody cases, alimony reduction cases, child abuse and neglect cases, cohabitation,  and many various background checks,we also conduct surveillance for workman’s compensation cases .
  2. Why should someone hire Fragale Investigations over another detective agency?
    Answer: For Fragale Investigations every case is their only case. We provide you with the most complete customer service possible and are here to listen and assist in resolving your matter. We not only work for you but we also work with you in order to attain the best possible results in your investigation.
  3. What geographic areas do you cover?
    Answer: We cover the whole state of North and South Carolina.

How much do investigative services cost?
Every case is unique in its own right and each client’s requests and needs are different.  As a result, each case is investigated in almost a customized manner, with different combinations of approaches, tactics, etc.  Additionally, as many cases unravel, different avenues may have to be investigated and curve-balls can be thrown into the mix.  Therefore, cases are always changing.  – However, when you call us, our representatives can provide you with a more specific estimate.

I don’t want anyone to know I am using an private investigation service.  Can this be guaranteed?
Absolutely!  All of our clients are protected by our confidentiality agreements.  Unless we are told otherwise, your name, information, and everything pertaining to your case will remain confidential.  We guarantee our clients the highest level of discretion!

Can I get into trouble with the law for hiring an investigator?
Not at all!  Private investigators and surveillance companies, such as ours, know the rules and laws set forth by the state.  We are experts in the field and know the limits.  All of the information we receive and acts we carry out are legal and you cannot get in trouble for it.

Why can’t I do the investigative work?
If you think you can do it, please do.  However, most individuals don’t even know where to start when he/she is trying to find information.  Our researchers and investigators know exactly where to find information and we have the clearance to access it.  –  On another note, if you are going to do your own investigative work, you need to be very careful!  There are laws set in place to ensure the privacy of individuals and sometimes there are fine lines with what is legal and what is not.  It is possible to get into legal trouble if you do not know what you are doing.  When you hire our firm, you do not have to worry about those lines.

How do I know what needs to be done for my case?
As stated earlier, when discussing the cost of services, each case is different.   When you call us, the representative will ask you questions and may be able to provide you with more information.  However, when you speak with the investigator assigned to your case, he/she will discuss your case in its entirety and go over everything in detail.  Your investigator will also explain all of the options you have regarding how you would like to go about things.

Can my investigator and/or any other staff that worked on my case, testify for me?
Yes!  Upon request, our investigators can take the stand for you, as well as provide witness statements and evidence.  However, once we are on the stand, we are subject to answering the questions of the opposing side, as well.