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The Fragale Investigation is a private investigative firm that is located in North Carolina. It is considered as a leading private investigator Monroe, NC as it provides a wide range of effective services related to private investigation.

Private Investigator in Monroe, North CarolinaWe help each and every client of ours by providing them exclusive and detailed services in Monroe as well as its surrounding areas. We are known for providing accurate services with utmost discretion; one reason why we are better choice than our competitors.

With our years of experience and a professional knowledge about the private investigation sector, we have solved more than hundreds of individual cases. Overtime with our hard work, dedication and helpful services we now gained a long list of satisfied clients.

One reason why Fragale constantly puts forward excellent service and results for our clients, is because we have partnered with some of the best government agencies, lawyers and other such important firms of the private investigation industry. So, with a combination of our dedicated hard work and help from some of the strongest personnel and agencies of Monroe, NC, we can provide our clients extensive and accurate services within a short period of time.

Looking for the best Private Investigator Monroe, NC services?

We offer a wide variety of different private investigator services and some of them are:

  • Background checks and research services like reference checks, criminal history check etc.
  • Matrimonial services like infidelity investigator and other such related to spouse and/or family.
  • Trial prep services where different advices and court filing services are provided.
  • Surveillance services which will be carried out by the latest and the best digital equipment.
  • Custody case services like witness statement services, asset information and other such services will be provided including surveillance.
  • Recreational and/or Sport services like information for ownership, licensing and other such related law.
  • School district services like address verification and/or history and other such including surveillance services.
  • Insurance claim and other such related legal services.

Which clients can use our help?

Everyone and anyone like individuals, lawyers, corporate clients, landlords, lawyers, school districts and many more can become our client.

So, Contact us today for the best Private Investigator Monroe NC services.