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Can a Personal Investigator Arrest Someone?

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A personal investigator is a professional who finds evidence for anyone who needs more information about a particular business or person. Although private investigators have to work within the confines of the law to gather their information, they can help with many situations where this information may not have been uncovered without professional oversight.

Can a Personal Investigator Arrest Someone?

Since a personal investigator is not a law enforcement official, they cannot arrest anyone, even if they see someone commit a crime. However, the investigator can document the crime as long as they contact law enforcement to let them know and do not break any laws in this process.

While conducting surveillance, a private investigator can collect information that leads to someone’s arrest. For example, if they find evidence of a crime and let the police department know about it, they can document as much as possible about the crime while waiting for law enforcement officers to get to the scene. This information can then be used in a court of law to increase the chances of a conviction.

Even though crime dramas you see on television may present a different picture, a personal investigator is not allowed to trespass or wiretap. They also cannot wear a badge since it is illegal to impersonate a law enforcement official in any form.

When you hire a personal investigator, they cannot do anything illegal or make arrests, but their information contributions serve an important purpose in the legal process. For more information about the role a personal investigator plays, contact us at Fragale Investigations today.