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How Our Address Search Process Works

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Our team at Charlotte Private Investigator understands there are many reasons why you might need to know someone’s address history, and we frequently make use of address information during our cases. Knowing all the places a person has lived, and at what times, provides important context for other aspects of their lives, and offers hints about their relationships and connections.

How Our Address Search Process Works

In this article, we’ll provide a brief overview of how our address search process works and some of the tools we use.

  • Vehicle Records Search: One resource we use in our address search process is vehicle and driving records. Organizations like the Charlotte, North Carolina DMV maintain detailed records about every licensed driver, and these records contain address information. We can use these records to track a person’s movements and address history.
  • Business Records: If the individual in question has ever owned a business, we can use their business records in our address search. Business owners are required to register their businesses with various governmental bodies, such as the state corporation commission, to operate legally, and these records usually contain the owner’s personal address.
  • Police Records: Another resource we can use in an address search is the police. If the person you are looking for has ever been arrested or even hit with a traffic charge, we can look up that incident in the police’s records to get more information. People are typically required to provide address information when facing an arrest, a ticket, or even when filing a police report.