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Reasons to Get a Background Check for Renters

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If you own a rental property, then you will naturally want to protect your investment. You rely on this property to generate income for you through the rental fees, so you need to make sure you only rent to tenants who can reliably pay. In addition, it’s wise to check each tenant’s criminal record before you approve their application, as you’ll want to make sure they won’t damage your property or commit other criminal acts while living on it. Our team at Charlotte Private Investigator can help you make the best decision about who to rent to with our background check services.

Reasons to Get a Background Check for Renters

Keep reading to learn a few reasons why we encourage all landlords to get a background check for renters.

  • Criminal History: One reason to invest in a background check for renters is because you need to know if they have any kind of criminal record. If the background check comes up clean, you can feel confident about renting your property to this individual. In cases where a background check does reveal criminal charges, you can decide whether to move forward with the rent agreement based on the nature of the charges and whether the person was convicted or not.
  • Credit History: Another reason to get a background check for renters is because you will want to know the applicant’s credit history. If our investigation reveals a good credit history, you can trust the applicant to pay their rent on time, but if we turn up severe credit problems, you may want to consider rejecting them.
  • Rental History: Lastly, a background check for renters in the Charlotte, North Carolina area will reveal the person’s rental history. Our team can find out where the person has lived in the past and whether they were ever evicted from their previous apartments.