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Types of Online Fraud We Investigate [infographic]

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Like most people, the internet is something you use on a daily basis. And while internet usage becomes more and more widespread, online fraud will only increase. Here are some of the types of online fraud we investigate at Charlotte Private Investigator:

    • Online dating scams—Otherwise known as “catfishing,” online dating scams happen when someone pretends to be someone else online in order to form a romantic relationship with another person. The scammer then gives the illusion of a close or romantic partnership to steal from and/or manipulate the victim.

  • Credit card fraud—When someone fraudulently acquires your credit card information to steal money or purchase things, credit card fraud occurs. We can look into potential scams and let you know if they’re too good to be true or actually credible.
  • Email phishing scams—An email phishing scam occurs when a cybercriminal poses as a reputable person or company. The attack then encourages people to click on a link that either leads to a website or attachment designed to look legitimate, but it actually contains malicious content.
  • Greeting card fraud—Many hackers create greeting cards that celebrate birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions and send them out via email. Malicious software is typically embedded in the email greeting card, which then attacks the recipient’s device when opened.