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What to Do When You Spot a Catfish

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Before the world of online dating, spotting a catfish meant that you would be eating some tasty seafood that night. These days, catfish are something to directly avoid before they can convince you of their false identity online and take advantage of you. In this article, we’ll give you a few brief warning signs that you might have found a catfish and what you can do when you spot a catfish.

What to Do When You Spot a Catfish

The Warning Signs

If you’re doing some online dating, you might run into someone who isn’t exactly who they say they are. Here are some of the warning signs to look out for, especially if you think your online relationship is starting to feel questionable:

  • You’ve never seen their face through video chats, calls, or meeting in person.
  • They have an empty profile with few to no friends, posts, or otherwise.
  • They ask you for money.
  • They try to make the relationship get serious too quickly.

What You Can Do

If you spot a catfish or think you’ve spotted a catfish, it’s often best to do further investigations before making accusations. We at Charlotte Private Investigator can help you find more information on this person and check out the truthfulness behind the information they’ve given you. We can also help you figure out their true identity, so you can have all the evidence you need to prove your accusations or at least put your mind at ease.

Another important thing to do when you spot a catfish and have the proper evidence is to report them immediately. Unless it has happened already, be sure not to fall into any of their traps and report the person before anyone else can fall victim to their guile.

If you suspect you have spotted a catfish online but would like some help in further investigating their identity, give us a call.