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When to Consider Cohabitation Surveillance

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If you’ve just gone through a divorce, you likely signed a lot of papers and made several agreements. One of those agreements might have involved a “Cohabitation Agreement”, meaning that you or your spouse agreed to not live with someone else as a cohabiting couple while receiving support payments. There are times when this agreement might be breached, and the proper surveillance can give you the evidence you need to take the issue to court. Here is when you should consider cohabitation surveillance:

  • You have made this specific agreement in court: While you might not like the idea of seeing your ex living with another person directly following your divorce, cohabitation surveillance and taking them to court is only a valid option if you have previously signed a cohabitation agreement. That also means that they have to be on the receiving end of the divorce payments, rather than the other way around. Otherwise, the surveillance is unnecessary and will not get you anywhere in court.

When to Consider Cohabitation Surveillance

  • You suspect your ex of cohabitation: If you suspect that your ex, who is on the receiving end of your divorce payments, is living with someone else as a cohabitating couple, it may be time to consider cohabitation surveillance. Cohabitating is more than just dating someone else, but involves living with them like a married couple, sharing finances, vacationing together, and more. We can find and record this evidence for you through our surveillance methods.
  • You can’t get the proper evidence on your own: If you have seen proof of cohabitation, like the significant other spending the night, it can be hard to get physical proof to bring to court on your own. While spending the night just once is often not enough evidence, we can perform extended cohabitation surveillance for more solid and long-term proof.

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