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Catfishing Relationships, Mooresville, NC

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We can investigate your online relationship to determine if you’re a catfishing victim.

Catfishing is a deceptive online activity that happens when someone creates a fake or fraudulent online persona, usually using a false identity, photos, and information. The person doing the catfishing usually pretends to be someone else with the intent of forming a romantic relationship or friendship with someone else over the internet.

Catfishing Relationships in Mooresville, North Carolina

Those engaging in catfishing usually use social media platforms, dating apps, or online forums to communicate with unsuspecting individuals who believe they’re talking to someone genuine. There are many catfishing relationships formed online today, and if you have formed a relationship or friendship with someone over the internet, you may be wary about whether that other person is real.

At Charlotte Private Investigator, we proudly serve clients in the Mooresville, North Carolina area and we have carefully examined many catfishing relationships to determine their validity. If you are worried that you are interacting with someone who might not be real, turn to us. We can investigate the person online and help you determine if they are being genuine or not. We will provide all our findings to you in a comprehensive report at the conclusion of our investigation so that you can make a confident decision about your interactions with the other person going forward.

We want to help you avoid falling victim to catfishing relationships to preserve your finances and your happiness. For more information about the types of investigations we do or to schedule a consultation with our team, please reach out to us today.

At Charlotte Private Investigator, we investigate catfishing relationships in Charlotte (including Myers Park, Dilworth, Southpark, and Ballantyne), Huntersville, Raleigh, Mooresville, Durham, and Matthews, North Carolina, as well as Fort Mill, South Carolina.