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A Closer Look at Our Private Investigator Services [infographic]

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A private investigator can get you more information when you feel like you’ve been left in the dark. We offer several different private investigator services that can provide evidence about a personal or business situation, so you can make a confident decision about how to move on. These services include:

  • Background checks—Is that person you want to hire really who they say they are? Have us do a background check on them before you extend an official offer of employment.
  • Adultery investigations—If you suspect that adultery is a problem in your marriage, let us uncover any existing evidence that your spouse is cheating on you.
  • Liability investigations—If you were harmed by a negligent person, you want to make sure they’re held responsible. We’ll gather information to support your case.

A Closer Look at Our Private Investigator Services [infographic]

  • Workplace investigations—You may not be getting all the facts about that workplace injury. We can uncover more information about what actually happened.
  • Child custody investigations—Can your ex really manage parenting your children on their own? Have us conduct a child custody investigation to determine if your former spouse can handle this responsibility.
  • Cohabitation surveillance—If you believe your ex is breaking the terms of a cohabitation agreement, we can look into the situation and determine if they are letting a new boyfriend or girlfriend live with them.