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Signs it's Time to Launch an Adultery Investigation

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If you suspect your spouse is cheating on you, even though it is a painful thought, you want answers. At Fragale Investigations, we can launch an adultery investigation and gather evidence to determine whether or not your spouse is actually cheating. If you are still unsure of whether you should start an adultery investigation, here are some signs that indicate your spouse could be being unfaithful:

  • Changes in appearance—If your spouse is seeing someone else, they may make sudden changes to their appearance. For example, they may start dressing differently or making more of an effort to look good than they used to.

Signs it's Time to Launch an Adultery Investigation

  • Suspicious phone habits—Your spouse may try to hide their phone from you if they are cheating. They may also spend more time on their phone than normal or leave the room to use it so you cannot see what they are doing.
  • Alterations to their work routine—Although it may seem cliché, if your spouse suddenly has to work late all the time or says they need to attend out-of-town conferences frequently, these may be signs that adultery is occurring.
  • Odd internet use—Much like phone usage, your spouse may be defensive about their time on the computer and try to hide their browser and search history.

An adultery investigation can help you gather more information about the situation in less time. This way, you can get out of a bad relationship faster than if you were to wait for your spouse to disclose the situation on their own.