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Understanding Private Investigators’ Involvement in Workers’ Comp Cases

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Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that businesses carry in case an employee becomes injured or ill in the course of employment and the injury or illness prevents them from working. The insurance replaces the worker’s wages while they are unable to do their job and may pay for medical expenses related to the injury they sustained on the job.

Understanding Private Investigators’ Involvement in Workers’ Comp Cases

While you don’t need to assume the worst, some employees will take advantage of workers’ compensation, committing fraud. If you suspect that one of your workers is committing fraud by faking an injury or illness and benefiting from the insurance payout as a result, you can uncover the truth with the help of a private investigator.

A private investigator may help with workers’ comp cases through surveillance. An employer or insurance company may hire a private investigator for surveillance, in which the PI will follow the employee in question to gather evidence that they are faking their injury or illness and identify their claim as fraudulent. Surveillance can take many forms. For instance, a PI may observe the individual, take photos or video, or check the employee’s social media. Of course, all surveillance for workers’ comp cases, and any other type of case for that matter, must happen within the confines of the law, so it will be done in public.

At Charlotte Private Investigator, we have the skills and resources we need to assist you with workers’ comp cases, so if you think one of your workers may have a fraudulent claim, we will reveal the truth for you.