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Workers' Comp Cases: Should You Investigate?

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As an employer, you are required by law to maintain workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance covers the cost of medical expenses incurred when one of your employees gets hurt on the job. Although most of your employees’ claims are likely legitimate, some workers’ comp cases are not. If you are worried one of your employees’ workers’ comp cases is fraudulent, here are some signs you should investigate:

  • No one witnessed the accident except for the employee filing the claim.

Workers' Comp Cases: Should You Investigate?

  • The injured employee goes to the doctor for conflicting diagnoses.
  • The employee waited several days or even several weeks to report their injury.
  • One person has a different story about the accident than the injured employee.
  • The employee who got hurt is a new employee or has a history of switching from job to job frequently.
  • The accident happened just before a holiday or a long weekend.
  • There is evidence that the injured employee is working a different job on the side.
  • It is hard to reach the employee after work hours, or they are evasive during their shifts.
  • The injured employee is vying for a quick settlement.

Fraudulent workers’ comp cases are not always easy to identify, especially if you are busy running the ongoing tasks of your business. If you need professional help looking into a suspected fraudulent claim, at Fragale Investigations, we are here to help. Contact us today to find out more about our proven investigative process.