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Common Misconceptions About Private Investigators

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You’re likely familiar with private investigators, even if you only have a vague idea of what they do from seeing them in film and on TV. However, there are many misconceptions that some people have about what a private investigator can or cannot do, which means you may have false expectations when you need to hire a private investigator for a case, background checks, surveillance, or other services in Charlotte, North Carolina. At Charlotte Private Investigator, we’re here to clear up those misconceptions and equip you with the facts.

Common Misconceptions About Private Investigators

Here are several misconceptions about private investigators:

  • Myth: They can circumvent the law- Private investigators cannot operate outside of the law. In fact, private investigators are often hired to gather evidence for legal cases, so they need to obtain information legally to ensure it can be presented in court.
  • Myth: They can record phone conversations without permission- In some states, private investigators cannot record phone conversations without both parties’ permission. North Carolina has a “one-party consent” law, so as long as one person in the conversation knows they are being recorded and consents to it (and both participants are currently located in the state), recording the conversation is legal.
  • Myth: They are only hired to catch criminals- Private investigators do more than just gather information about criminals or people who don’t want to be found. They also help with cases of child custody and workers’ compensation, for example.
  • Myth: They can perform an arrest- A private investigator has no law enforcement authority and cannot make an arrest. They also cannot impersonate a law enforcement officer.

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