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When are Child Neglect Investigations Necessary?

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Child neglect is a form of abuse in which the child’s caretakers do not meet their basic needs, such as food, clothing, medical care, etc. While this form of abuse is not as well-known as the physical kind, and often more difficult to spot, the results are no less dangerous to the child’s physical and mental well-being. If you suspect that a child is being neglected, our team at Fragale Investigations can help. We perform child neglect investigations using a variety of surveillance methods to gather evidence of the child’s treatment, which you can then present to the authorities in order to have the child placed in a healthier and more caring environment. Because neglect is harder to identify, our team has put together a list of signs to help you know when an investigation is called for. These signs include:

  • Insufficient or weather-inappropriate clothing – Examples include clothing that doesn’t fit properly or is consistently dirty, or a lack of proper outerwear or warm shoes in the winter.

When are Child Neglect Investigations Necessary?

  • Dirty appearance or severe body odor – Related to the above point, if a child is consistently dirty or exhibits strong body odor, their guardian may not be giving proper attention to their hygiene.
  • Lack of medical or dental care – If you notice that a child’s medical symptoms are not being addressed, or that the child lacks needed glasses or other medical devices, we at Fragale Investigations encourage you to give us a call.
  • Frequent or excessive absences from school – Another common reason to call for child neglect investigations is frequent school absences, especially if the issue crosses into truancy.
  • Lack of sufficient food – This sign often manifests as attempts to steal or beg for food or money.

While this is not a complete list, we at Fragale Investigations hope that this information is enough to help you start to recognize when children need help. If you recognize these signs in any children in your life, our experts encourage you to reach out to us to begin child neglect investigations.